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My name is Avior Byron and I am a musicologist, blogger and composer. I write books, articles and a blog about music, performance, research, and theory. Read more at my about page

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Evaluating Sprechstimme – what early recordings tell us

Evaluating Sprechstimme – what early recordings tell us

Before writing my new chapter on Pierrot, I am thinking about its general structure. Things will probably change as I start writing, yet this helps me orgenize in my mind all that I have done in the past few weeks in the British Library. If you have any comments or ideas, please write to me. Here are the various sections of the chapter:

  1. Reviewing Bryn-Julson’s argument (2009) for exact pitch.

  1. Put forward my argument for “liberal informed” interpretations.

  1. Explain why it is useful to examine early recordings.

  1. Present the early recordings, the singers and conductors.

  1. Write about the reviews of these early recordings.

  1. Show what they actually do in these early recordings – especially how they do Sprechstimme but also balance of ensemble, and relation of all this to score. Focus on the song Parodie (explain why).

  1. Criteria (apart for pitch fidelity) for evaluating Sprechstimme Interpretations: structure, text, improvisation, voice limits, what else?

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