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Avior Byron will present a paper 'Huberman as Beethoven' in the 2010 Israel Musicology Conference.   

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Avior Byron

My name is Avior Byron and I am a musicologist, blogger and composer. I write books, articles and a blog about music, performance, research, and theory. Read more at my about page

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How to write a blog for a small but devoted audience

How to write a blog for a small but devoted audience

I just understood that what much of what I have to say is relevant to a relatively small number of people. It makes me jealous to see the number of subscribers in blogs like that of At the moment of writing these lines he has 65971 readers. I remember that just two months ago he had about 52000 readers. This shows that his blog is not only popular, but that its popularity is increasing in a dramatic fashion.

Now it is clear to me that his blog is running for several years and mine is online only several months. Yet it is also true that the subject of how to make a blog (and especially how to make money from a blog) is very popular. My blog, which is about music, performance and research, and that is slightly more academic in a way, will probably never reach such popularity.

There are many blogs that gives tips on how to make your blog popular; however, many of them fail to distinguish between various kind of blogs. I believe that my blog should not post every day something. If I will do so, I will loose my subscriber’s trust. It is easy to duplicate your writing and say the same thing in many variations. It is harder to keep good communication with your readers.

I do find many of the “how to” posts on blogging very interesting. Yet, I try to keep in mind that at the end of the day I write to few people and my aim is to make a big impact on them. I believe that one should find a delicate balance between producing a sequence of texts that will attract new readers and subscribers (it is not completely wrong that the more texts you write, the more people will be driven to your site).

So here is basically what I suggest to bloggers that want to create a community of small but passionately interested people in their writings:

Write interesting and original content

Write interesting content that will encourage people to subscribe. People subscribe to blogs because they found more than one interesting post there (make internal links to your best content). You must give them a feeling that you blog is constantly (even if only twice a month) being updated with stimulating content. You do not need to write only original things, but if you build on posts of others or on old posts of yourself, you must try to comment on it or approach it from a new angle.

Engage with your readers and with other people of the web

When people contact you, do not ignore them. React to them. Sometimes even write about them. The idea of blogging, I think, is to mingle with others. You are not the center. You are them medium through interesting ideas, of yourself as well as of other, are being expressed. Arnold Schoenberg once wrote in a letter that the most important thing is that people will develop a sense of evaluating things. In your blog evaluate the idea of other and bring to your readers only the best and most stimulating ones. When you do that, it is important to criticize what you read. Write what is good and what is less good concerning what you read.

Use the web technology and options in order to spread the word

Learn about search engine optimization (SEO), web 2.0 and social sites. All this will help you spread your posts to a larger amount of people.

Be patient

Remember, your goal is not to become popular, but to find many devoted readers who are interested in your writings for the long run. This takes lots of time. If you have one extra reader a month during the first year your can be content.

Know who you are

People forget what they like and who they are. They are fascinated by the internet and change their way of writing because of it. I too write differently when I write an article that will be published in a journal. Reading a blog is different. Yet, I firmly believe that as the internet and blogging changes the way some academics write, so the web will change when academic writers will bring their talent and quality writing to the web.

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  • RaiulBaztepo responded:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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