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The Arnold Schoenberg Center in Vienna decided to give Avior Byron the Avenir Foundation Research Grant for a one month research trip in Vienna in order to work on two books that he is writing.  

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Avior Byron

My name is Avior Byron and I am a musicologist, blogger and composer. I write books, articles and a blog about music, performance, research, and theory. Read more at my about page

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Arnold Schoenberg spoke to me in a dream

On Firday 18th September 2009 I went to sleep during the day and I had a dream. In my dream, Arnold Schoenberg was rushing up a street. I tried to catch up with him in order to ask him something. I remember that I asked him questions. The first one was whether he knew a good festival of new music. He answered: "Yes, there is one… Daunch… Daunch… ah yes… Doanuschigen!" Then I asked him who is the best performer of his music. Schoenberg answered very seriously: "I am". I asked: "Why?" Schoenberg replied: "Because I have thunder in my eyes."

I remember the strong experience after I woke up. I spent several years doing research on Schoenberg and I do not remember ever dreaming about him. Is this only my imagination?

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